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My Loves

Friday, April 3, 2015

Botanic Gardens Field Trip

Colton has been so excited about his Spring field trip to the Botanic Gardens with his class. The trip was originally planned for an earlier date, but Memphis and its bipolar weather delayed us. Nasty weather threatened our field trip, but it turned out to be a wonderful day.
We arrived at the Memphis Botanic Gardens and had a picnic lunch. There are 7 Kindergarten classes with roughly 18/19 kids per class. There were prob about 200 of us there from Riverdale. Kindergarten field trip means a whole lotta chaperone's. I love hanging with this group of kids, and parents. I know almost all of this kids either from being buddies with Coley or from subbing in their classrooms. So fun.
This is mostly a photo dump of C, don't want to post too many pics of the other sweet faces without permission.

Oh how I love his sweet freckled face.

 Crazy Giraffes

 Jesse's grandfather was a hoot, and so much fun!


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