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My Loves

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

back in action

colton and daddy @ the delta fair

september 2011
nice face!
momma and colton @ the delta fair
september 2011

We're back! I have taken almost a year long sabbatical from blogging...well, not so much a sabbatical-but life. We are no busier than any other family with at least 1 toddler, but it does make it hard to sit and type. I do intend to blog at least once a week from here on out, if for nothing more but for me to look back on as Colton gets older.

Here's a little snippet of where we each are now in this journey we call life...

Colton- will be 3 in November!

- weighs 40 lbs and is roughly 38 inches tall, at last check up 95% in height and weight

-his curls are gone, he has straight blonde hair

-he loves CARS the movie and everything related to it

-he is a great eater...when he wants to be (loves his fruits and veggies)

-can ride his tricycle "all by myself"

-LOVES school and all things/people related to it

-loves books/movies/tv

-is going to be "mr tato head" for halloween

-still sleeps in a crib (and thats fine with me)

-wants NOTHING to do with potty training

-has had a sudden "brave" streak, tubing at the lake-fair rides-riding the horse

-is the sweetest, smartest, fun-lovingist, funniest, and cutest little boy around!

Me (Jamie)-

-still in Grad school at the U of M (taking 9 hours, kicking my rear)

-teaching in the 4 year old program at Hope

-so ready for Tiger Basketball

-has loads of pinterest projects lined up

-is starting to enjoy running/jogging/walking

-training for the st jude half marathon in December alongside my mom, best friend, and many others who are close to me

-so excited for my brother's wedding, blessed to be gaining such and amazing sister

-loving spending my days and nights with all my boys...josh, colton, and rocko

-very excited for the biggest loser to start back


-still working at fidelity investments and still liking it

-sometimes trains for the st jude half marathon and can still kick my rear in anything running related

-doesn't get to golf as much as he'd like

-does lots of playing in the floor with our favorite almost 3 year old

-is looking forward to Tiger basketball

-and lots of other things, just didn't quiz him about this before i posted!

So, that's where we are. Where are you?

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