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My Loves

Saturday, September 24, 2011

packed weekends

my wonderfully talented friend heather invited us to her house for a gno paint party. this is my 3rd or 4th time to go to one and it is so much fun. the last 2 parties i have attended, we all found our own canvas idea and ran with it. i love these parties b/c you move at your own pace, but have lots of people around to use for ideas and suggestions. rochelle found a really cool tree on etsy, so beth - roro- and myself decided to tackle it. mine is posted in the pic above this post. after i took the pic, i rubbed a raw umber wash over it to give it an aged look. wish i had pics of roro and beths, all of ours came out so completely different. it was a loveley night of paint, canvas, friends, great conversation, yummy food, and lovely adult beverages! thanks heather!
this week was coley's teachers birthday, the amazing ms debbie! he adores his teachers and we wanted to make this day special for her. he made her a card similar to the one posted above. colton was so focused, dot dots, stickers, stamps, and crayons. he was so proud once it was finished! the class celebrated with donut holes! we love you ms debbie.

today was baby matthew's 1st birthday party. we headed out to the bat cave with colton dressed in his best bat attire! i am in shock that he wore this mask. he's not a mask kinda kid.

this is colton and "matt-man"

can you tell that matty loved his cake?


happy birthday, sweet boy!

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