My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a woman can dream...

about this amazing place!

work, school work, and other activities have made me slightly crazy! i long to laze around on the beach with my boys, or my mom, or even by myself! we were last in daytona this july. my parents treated us to plane tickets for our birthdays and spoiled us at their beautiful "home away from home."

i knew this semester would be the toughest yet, and i grow increasingly anxious about the ones to come. 1 more semester of field work and then a full semester of student teaching. im not so anxious about the actual coursework or the student teaching, but the thought of leaving my boy full time. i have been blessed beyond measure to have him attend the school i work at. same schedule, peeking in on him, dropping him off and picking him up. plus we are in a place where i know those women love him almost as much as i do. in an ideal world i could stay at hope with him, and even beyond coley....way beyond! the thought has left me sleepless and sick to my stomach. ugh, it sucks.

i am trying to focus on the word "content." i am trying to live a content live...a content life with god. lately it seems that my "jesus calling" has fallen in line with that too. thats the thing about "jesus calling" each meaning/word/passage applies to different people in different ways. i have learned and decided to live in contentment with god, and everything else will fall into place. spend more time with him...

this is part of the entry from sept 17: "you will not find my peace by engaging in excessive planning: attempting to control what will happen to you in the future." in the end only god know what is best for my and my family. i need to let go and let god.

so for now, thats what i plan to do. spend more time with god...

and occasionally dream of that wonderful place!

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Laura Meier said...

So true Jamie...I believe we all struggle with contentment and with trusting God to be in charge...but life is so much sweeter and easier when we do! Love you!