My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gulf Shores... Here we come

Meredith and I at Jenny's bachelorette weekend last August. Mer's last time away from the boys!
This is my good buddy Sarah who is due to deliver on October 7th. She and Josh's best friend Jim are expecting a baby girl - Margaret Addison. Please say prayers for Sarah, she was put on bed rest yesterday b/c of some bleeding. She goes back on July 10th for further evaluation. Pray for her spirits to stay calm and for everything to be OK with mom and baby.
This pic is of me, my folks, and best friend for 15 years- Meredith. We are headed to Gulf Shores tomorrow and will stay thru Sunday. Meredith is leaving her two boys (Byron 2 1/2 and Carter 16 months) in the care of her husband, mother, and babysitter. Pray that they will do just fine without her. I am sure we will have a blast. Mom and dad plan to golf with my grandparents at least one day maybe two. Mer and I will spend time at the beach and I am sure we will hit up an outlet or two!

It is hot here in Memphis, in the 90's everyday. I have been inside this week--where the AC is kicking!

Stay cool out there!

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