My Loves

My Loves

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wow-what a weekend! We all had so much fun. Mom is on her way to the airport to send the Steele's back to Charleston. I am so sad to see them go. The lake was wonderful-weather couldn't have been better! The guys and mom got in some golf, and we all got in lots of sun/boat time. The water was so nice and is starting to clear up from the flooding/tornado's.

We all headed back on Sunday in order to meet grandpa and grandma in Memphis. Sue had barbecue at her house and we took pictures in our new family shirts. It was great to have everyone there.

Monday, the guys-mom-and grandma went out for a round of golf and I took the girls to the Conway's pool. It was another beautiful day and the water felt amazing. The girls jumped and swam for 7 hours straight. I can remember doing that as a kid, non-stop energy! We finished the visit last night with pizza at moms. Yum!

Can't wait till the next visit!


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