My Loves

My Loves

Sunday, December 21, 2008

6 weeks old

colton loves his baths! if he is fussy this is a great-fast way to calm him down. he also just likes to hear the running water, oh the things you learn!
dad was out of town for 10 days and when he came home he was sick, it had been 2 weeks since he had held colton. yay, mitchie is back!

colton michael
6 weeks, 3 days
13.3 lbs!
we had to go to the dr this week. colton has been congested, sleeping and eating less, and spitting up--which he didnt really do for the first 5 weeks. dr miller is treating him for acid reflux, with prevacid. we go back in 2 weeks for our 2 month check up. can you believe he weighs a whopping 13.3 lbs?!?!?!


Southern Mama said...

So cute!! I can't wait to see him in person. Just a few more days!!!

Margaret said...

We were on the prevacid too for a while. No fun! Good luck and keep me posted. I hope it helps him.

Emily & Amelia said...

What CUTE pictures!!!! I just want to eat him up!!