My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, December 11, 2008

mommyhood 101

so, when daddy is at work and ellie is out of town (so jealous--they are in florida for their 30th anniversary) I need to get some things done! No, im not talking about cooking or cleaning--i am talking about simple things...a shower, brushing my teeth, going to the bathroom! colton loves to lay on the changing table in his diaper and look around. he kicks his legs and waves his arms and has now started babbling to himself. this pic was taken after i had stolen a shower...but still needed to brush my teeth and get dressed.
once again i messed up the posting of the pic

this is how i managed to shower today, coley was in his car seat--in the bathroom with me! i was even able to shave my legs!!! please don't turn me in to dhs!


jennifer said...


do what you gotta do, sister!

Margaret said...

don't you just yearn for the days of long relaxing showers?!?