My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"sip and see"

ellie and colton, my poor mom has something crazy going on with her right eye. going to get it checked out today!
Ellie, Colton (3 weeks/5days), and James
wish you could see his precious outfit, a sweet white smocked little number. barley buttoned around his chunky neck! at least we were able to wear it once!
my moms golf girls and some bowling buddies hosted a "sip and see" yesterday for colton. it was such a nice day, everyone "sipped" various beverages and passed colton around so they could all "see" him. angie, the hostess made a delicious rum cake--so good. i don't even like rum cake. so yummy. they also showered us with gifts, precious outfits and more. we are so blessed and thankful to be surrounded by such caring and thoughtful people.

~side note, because i liked this cake so much i inquired about the recipe. she pulled it from a cookbook, The Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn. totally my gig b/c i am not a baker, but wish i was. everything starts from a cake mix and she doctors it up. she also has a cookbook called, The Dinner Doctor. i still want to attempt one of emily's recipes--but until i work up the courage, ill try the dinner dr!

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