My Loves

My Loves

Friday, December 26, 2008

new calming tactics

the above peaceful pictures are a result of....

this! ahh, the serene sound of a running jacuzzi tub. when colton is hysterical--this is our new saving grace! he was out like a light within 2 minutes of running the water. we are so thankful to lisa, shelly, and all the other "wise" ladies from the kitchen for teaching me this trick. colton can be screaming his head off and as soon as you enter the bathroom with the water running, he is silent!


Brenda said...

Hey jamie, to save on the water bill, get a 20 dollar sound machine from bed, bath, and beyond. it has a rain setting as well as white noise. we still use it!

Laurie said...

guess this is the true meaning of "snug as a bug on/in a rug"!
We need to work on the volume of the sound machine to see if it will work.
See ya!