My Loves

My Loves

Saturday, December 6, 2008


when researching swings for colton, i wasn't exactly sure what i was looking for. i basically read all the reviews and specs for each on and babies r us. i narrowed those down, then josh and i checked them out at the stores. we decided on one from babies r us, around 100 dollars. i was excited, and this swing became a piece of our living room "furniture." well, colton came home and around day four-- i need to brush my teeth and use the bathroom, so i thought "hey, lets put him in the swing!" UM, he said no with various pitched screams and shrills. since then we have tried several times, he has never lasted more than 10 minutes.

well, we have been staying at moms since Sunday. mom's friend Sue gave her a hand me down swing from her sweet granddaughters. it is a travel swing, no big deal--sits low to the floor. the main point here is... it was free--didn't cost $100! this is what sweet colton thinks of the "gently used" free swing....

Oops pic is at beginning of post, cant figure these pics out!

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